God Wants You To Come To Him Just As You Are!

Many people are afraid to get near God because they have a wrong assumption about Who God is.  They feel that God will not love and accept them as they are (with all their excess luggage and all their hidden sinful secrets).  This is lie that comes from the shame and guilt from their very own sins.  This of course is so far from His truth!  God loved the world so much that He sent His very own precious son spotless and free of any sin to redeem all those in the world.   He was the ransom that we would have to pay if it were not for His sacrifice.  This is how much Love God has for you!  When Jesus died (surrendering his life) on the Cross , He died for all sinners (you and I) not for the righeous ones!  He died for everyone unclean and in bondage of sin not for the pure and free from sin!   He died for sick not for the healthy!  He died for the brokenhearted not for the happy ones!  He died for the poor not for the rick!  He died for the meek and humble and not for the proud or arrogant!

The beauty about God is that He has more love for you and I than we could ever comprehend in our natural minds.  He is Spirit and Power and Might!  In order to understand Him just a tiny bit (which is all we need), we need to worship Him with our spirit (heart).  How do we do this?  Very easy actually!   Come to God, Jesus is the way!  God is pure Love!  He is the One and True God, creator of heaven and earth!  He sacrificed His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth in order to save man from the eternal seperation from Him (physical death) and from spiritual  seperation(spiritual death)! This kind of love and special favor towards man is known as God’s grace.  However, grace requires something from you.  In order for you to live under God’s grace you must receive His grace genuinely in your heart by saying “Yes” to God and “No” to sin.  Humble yourself before God and acknowledge your true condition (unsaved sinner who is spiritually dead).  Bare all your sins (He already knows what they are anyway) and repent for all of them.  His word (bible)  promises us complete forgiveness for all our sins!  Declare with your mouth and in your heart that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the son of God and believe that through Him (the Cross and Blood of Jesus) you are now a new person (spiritually alive in Jesus).  The blood Jesus Christ has the power cleanse you from all sins (all)!  His name has the power to heal sickness!  The power of God is given to us through Jesus Christ!  There is not other way to Him!  There are no gimmicks here!  There are no rituals either!  God loves you and wants to have a relationship with you.  Will you accept His loving invitation to live with Him now and to have eternal life through Jesus Christ when you die?

As soon as we declare to God that yes, we are sinners and need to be saved from our depravity (repent) and we declare to God, the Father and to the world with confidence and faith that Jesus Christ is Lord of our heart and in our life, the Holy Spirit now resides in your heart!  Your old sinful nature dies and a new godly and righteous person emerges that with daily renewing and daily dieing to yourself  (flesh-controls sins) will begin to understand what God’s grace can do and is doing in your life.  His character begins to be seen in you by others.  His light will radiate in you and many will ask you what is different about you.  Be prepared to share with them the power of God through His son Jesus Christ.  This is the power of His Grace!  He will draw those that will have eyes to see and ears to hears.  Many will reject what you share with them but many will also be saved!  We can all have this type of connection with God if we have the faith and if we recieve this beautiful gift of His (Grace) through the greatest man that lived on this earth, Jesus Christ!