Only One Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Some of the trials and tests that the Lord allows in our life are teach us to only seek His Divine approval and not man’s or woman’s. He also wants to break us from self-reliance, works and dependence on people.

The people-pleasing spirit in us needs to be crucified once and for all on the Cross so that we can allow His grace to do what Jesus died to do, to transform us from our filthy rags into His righteousness! Glory to God! He wants to pour His love into us so that we can begin to see everything good that we NOW are and not because of what we do but because of what Jesus did!

We really need to know the truth about our new God-given identity purchased with the blood of Jesus, who was and is Holy and Perfect! His righteousness is NOW ours if we want it (He will not force Himself upon us) because of the Cross of Calvary and not that we deserve it but because He first loved us! Hallelujah! Happy Dance and time to rejoice with Christ for His unmerited favor.

Oh, we have so much to celebrate and we really need to stop enabling those that seek a Savior in us also, for Our God is a Jealous God and He will not share our affections with another!!

There is Only room for One Savior in our life, and that is Jesus Christ of Nazareth! If we elevate people and their opinions above the truth of God, we will not be able to serve both God and them! Let us kick out everything and anything that is attempting to steal His Glory! Now is a great time to start Exalting our One True God! He is Worthy of our Honor and Praise! So Praise Him with everything in you, beloved ones!